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Election of Prof Tjonnie Li, CUHK, to the Board of JNFSC

The association of JNFSC with CUHK began with Dr Needham's close friendship with the founding Vice-Chancellor Professor Prof LI Choh-Ming, Profs Ch'ien Mu, CHENG Te'-Kuan, and other distinguished scholars beginning in the late 60s; Dr. Needham was awarded an honorary degree in 1983 by the second Vice-Chancellor Prof MA Lin, who served on the JNFSC Board from 1987-1999; the link progressed successively through Profs Arthur Li, Charles Kao till the retirement of Prof Lawrence J Lau in 2011. During the ensuring years, CUHK and JNFSC have maintained close cooperation, including jointly organized the “Joseph Needham Symposium on Early Cultural and Scientific Transmission across Eurasia with China” in March 2018, active participation in STEM Education Lectures and other educational initiatives. Professor Tjonnie Li, a young, talented and newly tenured Associate Professor of Physics, has been an enthusiastic participant in the EDB-JNFSC STEM series and other foundation initiatives in the last several years, including serving in the Screening Committee for the JN PhD Fellowship and JN Merit Scholarship in the last 2 years. With an aim to recruiting young scholars committed to the Needham scholarly legacy, the JNFSC Board welcomed his election at the AGM/Directors Meeting on 21 May. Congratulations to Prof Li!
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