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The founding of the East Asian History of Science Foundation HK in 1979 was originally focused on raising funds to construct a permanent library in Cambridge to house Dr. Needham’s large collection of books (many of rare editions), manuscripts, and artifacts housed at Caius & Gonville College, where he was Master for 10 years between 1966-1976.  Following this successful funding effort, the EAHSF (renamed JNFSC in January 2018) soon embarked on a series of new educational initiatives, including an annual lectureship, the endowment of Joseph Needham Professorships in Hong Kong and Cambridge, Ph.D. Graduate Fellowships and Joseph Needham Merit Scholarships, and other outreach programs to local universities and secondary schools in Hong Kong.  What follows are details of the several notable programs and initiatives.


E.A.H.S.F./JN Memorial Lecture

The Needham Conference 2023

Endowed Professorships

Banner Exhibition Series

Scholarship Programs

STEM Lecturship Series

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