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This section composes our past events' photos and recordings.
For the recent Hong Kong Science Museum Lectureship Recordings, please scroll down.
For all lectureship recordings, please see album here.

Latest Lectures

Aerodynamics of Cycling

Geriatrics and Gerontech

The Use of Bioinformatics in Neurological Condition Diagnosis

The Second Quantum Revolution and Quantum Computers

Introduction to Space Astronomy

Maps for Space Exploration

Frontiers in Digital Health Technology

AI Applications from an Ethical Perspective: The Good, the Bad and the Unethical

Holistic Philosophy of Chinese Medicine in Maintaining a Healthy Lifestyle

Brain-wave  Control  Technology  for Healthcare or Entertainment

Shedding Light on the Pandemic - Advancements in COVID-19 Vaccines

Extreme Weather in the Era of Climate Change

Gravitational Waves: A New Window on the Universe